The Lanterman Coalition is made up of major stakeholders in California’s community-based developmental service system.  As a result of years of underfunding, rate cuts, rate freezes, use of old funding formulas and inflation, California’s developmental services system is at risk of collapse. The Lanterman Coalition is mobilizing stakeholders to take action and advocate for an immediate across-the-board 10% increase in funding for developmental services, and a 5% increase yearly thereafter until funding for provider rates and regional center services is reformed.

As a service provider, Clausen House joins with the Lanterman Coalition to urge its clients, family members, and stakeholders to support the 10% Advocacy Plan.

Clausen House clients, families and friends can join in this advocacy effort by connecting with their Legislator through email, letter or call and urge them to support the Lanterman Coalition’s budget reform request.  You can find out who your State Senator or Assembly member is online.  You can also learn about more ways to take action by  going to the Lanterman Coalition website or the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) website.