Lanterman Coalition Call for Action to Support Agreement Providing Relief for Developmental Services

The Lanterman Coalition has been in a fight for the survival of the California Developmental Services system for more than a year.  Yesterday, the Coalition finally came to an agreement for the best way forward.  The agreement doesn’t achieve everything that is needed, but it provides a critically important step to provide relief and recovery […]... >> read more


On Friday, February 26, 2016, Whole Foods located on the corner of Harrison and 27th in Oakland California will donate a portion of its profits to Clausen House, as part of its Oakland Gives program. Clausen House was nominated to be one of the non-profits to receive a portion of store revenue.  Clausen House was […]... >> read more

Unemployment Rate for Persons With Disabilities Rises Against National Trend

The unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities reached 10.8 percent in January, up from 10.3 percent at the close of 2015 according to the Department of Labor’s monthly jobs report. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for the general population is at the lowest rate in years, falling below 5 per cent and reaching 4.9 percent, as 151,000 jobs […]... >> read more