Lanterman Coalition Call for Action to Support Agreement Providing Relief for Developmental Services

The Lanterman Coalition has been in a fight for the survival of the California Developmental Services system for more than a year.  Yesterday, the Coalition finally came to an agreement for the best way forward.  The agreement doesn’t achieve everything that is needed, but it provides a critically important step to provide relief and recovery now to move towards a future of hope and full participation in communities across this state.

The agreement contains the following:

  • A 7.5% increase for salaries and benefits, for community providers and regional centers
  • A 2.5% increase for administrative and other costs, for community providers and regional centers
  • A restoration of the supported employment rates to 2006 levels (a 10% increase from now)
  • A 5% increase for supported and independent living services
  • A 5% increase for in-home and out-of-home respite services
  • A 5% increase for transportation services
  • An effective 5% increase for ICFs, via a 3.75% increase and elimination of prior cuts
  • The creation of competitive integrated employment programs with paid internships and incentive payments for helping individuals obtain and retain employment
  • An increase in vendor audit thresholds
  • A rate study plan
  • Funding for bilingual staff at regional centers, cultural competency training, and parent education efforts

In order to see that this agreement goes through, the Lanterman Coalition is asking everyone to contact their State representative and urge support for the agreement.   The California legislature is likely voting February 18 or soon after. Click below to see the Coalition letter and/or to contact your representative.

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