Justice Department Issues Guidance To Reduce Discrimination and Mistreatment of Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System

In a guidance document issued in January 2017, the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, is setting forth the responsibilities of local and state authorities within the criminal justice system to treat individuals with mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities fairly.  As the guidance document states, “Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act […]... >> read more

Study Quantifies High Cost of Family Members Caring for Children With Special Needs

In a study entitled “Family-Provided Health Care for Children With Special Health Care Needs” published in the December journal Pediatrics, researches concluded that families of children with special needs provide billions of dollars in unpaid medical care each year, researchers say, significantly compromising their own ability to earn a living. The study investigators analyzed data […]... >> read more