Nonprofit Called ‘Creative Spirit’ Seeks to Create 130k Jobs for People With Developmental Disabilities

Leaders of several New York advertising agencies have formed the nonprofit Creative Spirit, which will work to grow employment opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities at advertising, media, marketing and technology firms across the country. They have set an ambitious goal of creating 130,000 jobs for people with developmental disabilities by 2020.

The group is looking to make a dent in what they say is an estimated 8 million Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities who lack integrated employment.

According to co-founder and CEO of Creative Spirit and chief marketing officer at the marketing agency Rauxa, Laurel Rossi “This is a global crisis, and likely the most profound human rights employment issue of our time, yet it goes unsolved. We believe that if the private sector comes together with its collective voice — and with the use of technology — that we can solve this problem at scale.”

Creative Spirit launched a series of activities at Advertising Week in New York where an initial campaign to promote the nonprofit was unveiled. Plans include a $200,000 media push to create awareness of the need for integrated employment at fair wages for people with developmental disabilities.  Already, those behind Creative Spirit say they have more than 50 employers including A&E Networks and the advertising agencies Fallon, Joan Creative and Deutsch who are looking to offer positions. The nonprofit said it will provide employment specialists and other supports to help participating companies effectively incorporate new hires with autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities.

Those with developmental disabilities who are interested in finding a job can sign up on the group’s website to learn about available opportunities.

Sourc for the article: “Nonprofit Wants To Create 130K Jobs For People With Disabilities” by Shaun Heasley, Disability Scoop, September 27, 2017