Clausen House COVID-19 Newsletter 2: Full Report

June 5, 2020

Dear Clausen House Community,

Welcome to our second update newsletter. Clausen house continues to focus on the safety and health of our clients and staff. Because of our effective safety measures and our staff who are diligent about following COVID-19 protocols, we are happy to report that currently we do not have any clients or staff that have tested positive for COVID-19. This shows that our approach to protecting all clients and staff is working. We are always educating our staff about new and updated procedures as given to us by CDC, RCEB, DDS, and CCL.

Adult Education

Clausen House’s Adult Education Day Program began servicing our consumers via Zoom on April 27, 2020. All of our staff have worked together to create a course curriculum that could be followed remotely. Monday-Thursday, the Day Program holds two classes: a morning class starting at 10:30am and an afternoon class that beings at 1:00pm. These classes are focused on the issues our community faces during the pandemic. Some classes we have rolled out include: COVID-19, Healthy Eating & Exercising, Yoga, Healthy Relationships, Life Skills, and daily check-ins. Currently attendance for each class averages to roughly 25 people.

Adult Ed. has also made great efforts into servicing individuals who may not have the resources to participate in our Zoom classes by sending each of our clients physical work packets via mail. These packets contain the same content that is to be discussed one each class. We hope that this encourages our cleats to stay engaged and informed. In addition, staff is focused on making sure ALL files are updated, classrooms and office spaces remain organized/clean, Annual and Semi-annual reviews are current, and are also conducting ISP meetings with case managers, care providers, and family for each consumer via Zoom.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment currently has 9 clients who are not working and 4 that have transitioned back to the workforce this month. We continue to provide weekly check-ins with those who are currently not working. Health and safety is our number one priority and we are taking all precautionary measures to ensure that our client employees stay safe.


All of our residential homes have been making the best of their time during shelter-in-place. Residents have been adjusting to our new normal and have started to expand the ways they stay entertained and engaged. Both the residents and staff have been enjoying playing board games, having TV and movie nights, and have treasured the social distancing neighborhood walks. Staff and residents collaborate on finding new and creative ways to keep busy and stay stimulated.


The staff at ILS/SLS are continuing to visit clients and providing care and assistance when needed. Our Lenox apartment building requires temperature and other symptom checks that are accurately recorded every time someone leaves and enters the building. All tenants are given information on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Health Services

Our Health Services Coordinator, Yaminah Holmes, continues to oversee the many health and safety protocols in all of our programs and facilities. She checks temperature logs that are located at ALL facilities for staff and clients daily, coordinates the procurement of PPE, and takes clients to essential medical appointments following all social distancing protocol.

Social Recreation

Thanks to the many donations of board games and other entertainment items, our clients have been enjoying the various activities that our Social Recreation Program has been able to coordinate in each home independently. Each home has their own set of games to minimize potential spread of COVID-19 and during social recreation activities, clients are reminded about all health and safety measures.

To our donors…

Clausen House would like to sincerely thank all who have donated to us during this pandemic. Your generous donation have allowed us to continue to provide life-changing services to our clients, while also allowing us to keep clients and staff safe and healthy. As an organization, we cannot do it alone. We continue to need the support of individuals like yourself. Your donations help us secure PPE, keep our properties clean and continuously sterilized, and so much more. We’d like to thank all from the our hearts. Together, we can weather this storm and keep everyone safe. Please visit our website to find out how you can help!

To donate, follow this link to learn more about how you can help.