Jaynette Underhill, M.A., P.H.R.Executive Director

Office: (510) 788-4320
Fax: (510) 839-1434
201 Perkins Street, Oakland, California 94610

Jaynette Underhill, M.A, RCFE, ARF, has been in the human services field for more than 25 years, focusing on organizational regulatory compliance, risk and quality management, operations, management training, and national accreditation. She holds a BA in Management and MA in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary’s College. She holds a certification in Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) and is a certified Adult Residential Facility Administrator (ARF).  Jaynette has held leadership positions in for- and nonprofit healthcare, behavioral health, mental health and long term care settings. She is dedicated to efforts that positively impact under served populations and enjoys working collaboratively with talented professionals who are committed to clients and families.

Bridgette YoungHarrySenior Director of Program Services

Office: (510) 208-4687
650 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California 94610

Bridgette YoungHarry comes from a long line of missionaries, educators, and care providers. Beginning in 1964, her family owned and operated care facilities for people with developmental disabilities. Her family members opened their homes to individuals with special needs, providing foster care for children and safe environments for youth and elderly or disabled adults. These early experiences inspired Bridgette’s passion for helping others and led her to pursue a fulfilling career in social services. For the past 35 years she has worked with, lived with, and cared for children and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as aging adults in convalescent, community, and other specialized settings. Bridgette obtained her bachelor’s degrees from San Francisco State University in Behavioral and Social Science/Ethnic Studies, with a minor in dance and a discipline in geriatrics. After college, she became a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional (QMRP) and spent the next five years writing and designing program and behavior support plans for three level II facilities. She spent the following five years as a Residential Administrator at Good Shepherd Lutheran Home and transitioned into the position of ILS Program Coordinator there. She joined Clausen House in 2000 and currently serves as our Senior Director of Program Services. Bridgette is married and is the mother of two sons. As a humanitarian, she is driven by a philosophy to serve people with developmental disabilities “body, mind, and soul,” in line with the mission, values, and vision of Clausen House.

Christian NavarroDevelopment Specialist

Office: (510) 839-1114
88 Vernon Street, 3rd Floor, Oakland, California 94610

Christian Navarro joined Clausen House in 2018 as the Development Associate. Clausen House’s mission resonates with him, as he has multiple family members with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Christian decided to go into development work after having had experience in event planning and fundraising for Prelude NorCal, a Bay Area urban dance competition. After almost a year at Clausen House, Christian was promoted to Development Specialist. He hopes to continue growing in his role and is excited for his future at Clausen House.

Debbie GallanoBusiness Office Specialist

Office: (510) 839-0500 ext. 310
88 Vernon Street, 3rd Floor, Oakland, California 94610

Debbie Gallano is CPA certified. Debbie served as the finance officer in the Philippines Consulate General in San Francisco for 8 years and was Deputy Director to the Philippines Department of Tourism for 10 years. Debbie was born in the Philippines and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and a major in accounting.

Anila VaibhavHuman Resources Specialist

Office: (510) 839-0500 ext. 308
88 Vernon Street, 3rd Floor, Oakland, California 94610

Anila Vaibhav joined Clausen House with three years’ experience in Human Resources with a specialty in recruiting. She was born in the U.S. but studied psychology in India, where she graduated with a BA from M.G. University in Kerala. She earned her MBA in HR Management from the University of Phoenix. She is working on her Senior Human Resources Management (SHRM) certification.

Program Directors

Shawn EdwardsDirector of Adult Education

Office: (510) 208-4685
650 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California 94610

Shawn Edwards has 16 years of experience in providing services to children and adults in the mental health field. He is a team leader that values ethical standards, a strong work ethic, and positive team environment. Shawn earned a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Child Development from Sonoma State University. He enjoys getting to know the individuals, staff, and family members at Clausen House. Shawn’s office is located at our Adult Education Program at 650 Grand Avenue Shawn pledge the highest quality of care to the individuals at Clausen House. He is always available to answer any questions or and encourages anyone to stop by his office to say “hello.”

Veronica SantanaDirector of Supported Employment Program

Office: (510) 208-4686 ext. 303
650 Grand Avenue, Oakland California 94610

Veronica Santana earned a Teaching Credential from Cal State Hayward’s with a focus on adults with disabilities. Her career spans 19 year of service to people with autism and developmental disabilities that began as a work activity supervisor at the California Autism Foundation, then a prompt promotion to Program Assistant Coordinator, then to Supported Employment Coordinator.  Veronica has taught Career Development, Health & Safety and Self-Maintenance Skills as a credentialed teacher for the West Contra Costa Unified School District’s classes for adults with disabilities. She has advanced to her current position through promotions from the following previous leadership positions at Clausen House: Employment Specialist, Manager of Curriculum & Training for both Supported Employment and Work Activity Programs.

Barbara LangResidential Administrator for Perkins Residence

Office: (510) 839-0057
201 Perkins Street, Oakland, California 94610

Barbara Lang is a 1972 graduate of Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas, where she majored in behavioral psychology and sociology. Her goal in life was to work with people with disabilities. To that end, she joined Clausen House as a direct care, live-in weekend staff member on December 8, 1972. Within six months of hire, she became the Residential Supervisor of the four houses then in existence. A year later, she became the Director of Education and Activities for Clausen House. Barbara was the Director of the Behavior Modification Program, a six-bed home on Adams Street, from 1975 until it closed in 1989. She is currently the Residential Administrator at Perkins residence. Barbara enjoys her work at Clausen House, and with almost 39 years of service to our organization, we proudly acknowledge her many contributions. In 2013, Barbara Lang received the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Alameda County Developmental Disabilities Planning and Advisory Council.

Brandy HarperResidential Administrator for Vernon Residence

Office: (510) 839-0500 ext. 302
88 Vernon Street, 3rd Floor, Oakland, California 94610

Brandy joined Clausen House in 2014 as Residential Personal Assistant. In 2017, she became the residential administrator of 88 Vernon. Brandy is dedicated to providing individual supports and services to those that need them. She’s always held positions where she helps people. Her first job in the field at age was in a group home called Blossom Home for Teens for new mothers. She has worked in a variety of positions in human services over the years. Prior to joining Clausen House, she worked in a mental health center for adolescents for seven years. In addition to her work at Clausen House, Brandy is also a personal assistant for In-Home Support Services, providing various kinds of homecare for seniors and the disabled. She holds a State of California Adult Residential Facility Administrator Certification.

Stacia OlivierResidential Administrator for Belmont Residence

Office: (510) 763-3598
363 Belmont Street, Oakland, California 94610

Stacia Olivier began her work at Clausen House in 2018 with 10 years’ experience in working with adults with DD/ID. Stacia brought with her to Clausen House, a wide range of experience and knowledge from working at multiple behavioral and crisis facilities. Stacia is constantly looking for new ways to assist her clients to become as independent as possible. Stacia encourages her clients to achieve any hopes and dreams and to thrive in all aspects of life.