Planned Giving—Not Just for the Wealthy

You don’t have to be wealthy to make a planned gift to Clausen House that will significantly enhance Clausen House’s ability to provide quality programs for the individuals it serves. By designating Clausen House a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, pension plan, will or trust, you can leave a legacy of nearly any size and have an important impact on our organization.

For example, in 2002, Clausen House received a bequest of $500,000, partly in the form of appreciated property. This gift helped us establish our Community Center on Grant Avenue.

Funds received from bequests and planned giving have also helped Clausen House grow its board designated Endowment Fund to more than $1 million.  Interest payments from the endowment are used to support our programs and help fill the gap left by shrinking State budget allocations experienced over the last several years.

Designating Clausen House a beneficiary or including Clausen House in your planned giving does not have to be intimidating or complicated! Should you wish more information, we are happy to discuss gift planning options. Please contact Christian Navarro, Development Specialist, at 510.839.1114.


Here’s an example

A 79-year-old woman needs cash but hesitates to sell her home because of the tax consequences. She has lived in it for many decades and its value has appreciated to $1 million — far more than the original purchase price.

Our friend could avoid taxes entirely and receive a lump sum of more than $500,000 now, plus $37,000 per year in future income. How? By putting about $450,000 of the sale proceeds into a Charitable Remainder Trust. The trust will pay her lifetime income. At the end of her life, it will go to Clausen House — a major benefit both to the donor and to our programs.