Independent Living and Supported Living


Clausen House’s Independent Living Services (ILS) and Supported Living Services (SLS) are programs that allow individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in their own homes in the community.

Clausen House’s ILS and SLS clients live on their own. They receive on-going training and assistance with essential life skills including money management, nutrition, accessing medical care and medical self-management, safety awareness and problem solving.

Located in the scenic Adams Point residential neighborhood close to Lake Merritt, shopping, public transportation, and downtown Oakland, our Lenox apartment building can accommodate adults who are transitioning from their family home or group home into greater independence. Lenox’s one-to two-bedroom units are available to qualified clients at below-market rental rates.

Independent or Supported Living — What’s the difference?

Independent and Supported Living are very similar. The difference is in the amount and type of service provided. Independent Living may provide up to 40 hours per month of training and assistance with money management, apartment maintenance, nutrition, health care, and other areas. Over time, the need for services is expected to diminish somewhat and ongoing services of approximately 15 hours per month are provided.

In Supported Living, the client may obtain a significantly higher number of hours of support and instruction. Also, more intensive support services—such as personal assistance and facilitation of the use of adaptive equipment—are available. Supported Living services are not expected to decrease over time.

Who may receive services?

Clausen House works with clients who have a primary disability that hinders learning and who are motivated to assume the responsibility of living in their own household. We are especially interested in working with clients who are custodial parents. Supported Living candidates who are Regional Center clients must follow RCEB’s intake procedure (below).

 What is the process for getting involved?

Independent Living candidates: Call (510) 763-9113 x 203 and speak with Marina Knowles, Program Manager.

Supported Living candidates: The client should contact his or her RCEB case manager, who will communicate with RCEB’s Community Living Options unit. The CLO may make a referral to Clausen House as well as other providers. Clausen House will schedule an intake interview with the client, the case manager, and any significant people in the client’s life whose participation is desired by the client. Clausen House will ask to review the candidate’s RCEB file to determine whether an assessment by our agency would be advisable. If the interview and the file review indicate that Supported Living services from Clausen House might be an appropriate option, a purchase of service (POS) for an assessment period of approximately one month will be requested. At the end of this trial period, if both the client and Clausen House agree that a working relationship would be beneficial, then an Individual Service Plan (ISP) will be developed and an ongoing POS requested.