Supported Employment

Supported Employment is an exciting way for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to achieve full inclusion in the community and experience the satisfaction and pride of earning their own money. Clausen House helps trains and assists motivated, work-ready adults with IDD choose, obtain and retain employment in a variety of workplaces. We provide job matching assessments, job search, interviewing support and placement, and ongoing coaching tailored to ensure client on-the-job success. A unique aspect of this program is that we work our clients through actual job simulations in order to better assess their capabilities and guide them to employment that meets their skills. For those who can, we encourage them to job seek themselves, and this frequently leads to actual employment. Supported employment workers excel in retail, food service, office support, stocking and warehousing.

Let’s Work Together – Employer Partnerships

Clausen House’s Employment Specialist assesses your company’s or business’ needs and introduces you to a potential employee. Our trainer works extensively with the new hire for the first six months. Our job coach continues to see the supported employment employee weekly from then on, working closely with employees and employers to identify and resolve any issues that may affect job performance.

Clausen House’s supported employment partners report that their supported employment employees are some of their best employees, with low absenteeism, high motivation and longevity. Some of our supported employment employees have been employed by the same company or business for more than 25 years!

Depending on the client’s skill set and readiness for work, s/he may be placed in a group that is closely supervised by a trainer, or may receive an individual placement with job coaching suited to her/his. Our job coaches work closely with employers to identify and resolve any issues that may affect job performance. The result: Loyal, motivated employees with a low turnover rate and a high level of job satisfaction!

How Clausen House Benefits Employers

  • We assess the job skills of potential employees to find the perfect match
    for the company or business.
  • We provide free individualized training to assist the employee in learning the required job
  • We offer support both on and off the job for the duration of employment.
  • We assist the company or business in obtaining up to $2,400 in tax credits.
  • We put to work a new hire whose goal is long-term employment.
  • We enhance the diversity of the company’s or business’ workforce.
  • We reduce turnover in entry level jobs and training costs.

Employment Partners (partial listing)

Ask us what Clausen House can do for your company or business!

For more information about Clausen House’s Supported Employment Program, please contact Veronica Santana, Supported Employment Director, at (510) 208-4686.