The Heritage Circle

Make a Gift for the Future of Clausen House

Naming Clausen House as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, pension plan, will or trust are examples of  simple ways to support Clausen House. These thoughtful gifts ensure that Clausen House can continue our critical work.  A bequest from a will or a trust distribution to Clausen House is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes, and there is no limit on the deduction your estate can claim.  In addition, the gift is usually exempt from state inheritance taxes.

Have you made a bequest for the future of Clausen House?

For those who have already included Clausen House in your future planning,  please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you to The Heritage Circle, an honorary society comprised of individuals and families who have included Clausen House in their estate plans.  Please email our Development Office or call 510.839.1114.

Donors choose a bequest because:
  • It is not payable until death, so it does not affect your assets or cash flow during your lifetime.
  • It is revocable—you can change the provisions in your will or trust at any time, and
  • It is private—your will is not filed or made public until your death.

Please contact please contact Christian Navarro, Development Specialist at 510.839.1114 if you would like to learn more about planned giving options.