Yaminah Holmes, Clausen HouseOffice: (510) 839-0050 ext. 301 yaminah@clausenhouse.org
650 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California 94610

Yaminah Holmes is Clausen House’s Residential Medical Services coordinator. Yaminah has over 10 years of experience working with adults and seniors in residential care facilities and even has an extensive background in medication management. After graduating from University Prep High School, she attended Life Line School of Nursing and became a certified Nursing Assistant. At Clausen House, Yaminah works with the agency’s residential clients and manages all of their health-related needs.

Yaminah’s passion for working at Clausen House stems from the opportunity of supporting and advocating for our clients. She receives fulfillment from knowing that our clients trust that she will ensure that they receive the best possible medical care available to them.

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