I love being able to do the work needed to ensure that the current and future clients of Clausen House are provided with every resource necessary for them to be full participants in the life of the community.

Rev. Mauricio J. Wilson -CFOCFO, Board Member

Clausen House enables adults with developmental challenges to become more independent and creates an incredibly positive learning environment. At a time when people are judged solely for being different, I cannot think of another organization that makes a more powerful impact on its community through our clients who bring a sense of purpose and belonging to those they touch.

Yale KofmanSponsor and Board Member

My family member came to Clausen House after aging out of the public school system, when we were looking for a situation that would enable her to do more than sit at home all day by herself while we were at work. Because of the full spectrum of services Clausen House provides, my family member has (1) a place to live where she’s made friends, became part of a community of peers and makes her own decisions and choices; (2) a job she enjoys where she’s able to earn her own money, integrate in the community at large, and have a sense of self-esteem for being a valued long-term employee; and (3) a full, active life where she met the love of her life, made friends she calls family, traveled and seen new places, met new people, and learned new things. Clausen House has enabled my family member to achieve more independence and fulfillment than we could have imagined 30 years ago when we were looking for options for her.

Deborah SchweizerFamily Member, Board Member