In 2015, Clausen House created the Jeffrey Allen Lang Social Recreation program to enable the organization as an adjunct service to our residential services platform to continue providing its residential clients with much-needed recreational social programming when such activities were defunded by the State of California. The outings offered through Clausen House’s Social Recreation Program provide clients an opportunity to meet new people in their community, make new friends, gain confidence, and competence over their own lives, experience new activities outside their home, and feel the joy that many of us do when we explore beyond the walls of our home. Clausen House’s social recreation program not only enhances the lives of its clients but the lives of the community members that encounter them as well.

Social Recreation Coordinator

Our Social Recreation Coordinator schedules activities that our residential clients are able to participate in. Activities include, but not limited:

  • Game, movie, and beauty nights
  • Trips to professional sporting events
  • First Friday outings
  • Scheduled walks around Lake Merritt
  • Supervised day trips to nearby cities like San Francisco

Learn More About Clausen House Social Recreation Program

To learn more about our social recreation program, please contact Social Recreation Coordinator, Tamika Jenkins, at (510) 839-0050 ext. 104