Clausen House – Oakland, CA


  1. Skill in working with adults with developmental disabilities.
  2. Ability to respect the desires and wishes of the consumer for whom they are working.
  3. Ability to structure time efficiently to complete required tasks in allotted time period.
  4. Ability to keep careful and accurate tracking of activities done during the time spent with the consumer.
  5. Ability to act as a role model for consumers.
  6. Own/operate a vehicle in good working condition for transportation and other work related purposes.
  7. Support consumer with problem solving, trouble-shooting and crisis intervention as needed by communicating with the Community Support Facilitator, SLS Program Coordinator, and/or Director when problems arise.
  8. Utilize immediate supervisor as a tool for problem solving, crisis intervention, guidance, direction and support.
  9. Create the most independent living situation that is possible for the consumer being assisted.
  10. Assist with grocery shopping and purchase of necessary items (e.g. clothing) as needed.

How to Apply

Clausen House has basic requirements for hiring employees Use this form for initial screening. We will contact you after the initial screening is done.

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    Are you able to work in Oakland, CA 94610?
    Are you authorized to work in The United States of America?
    Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?
    Do you have a valid California driver’s license?