Health Services at Clausen House

Clausen House always strives to provide our clients with the best overall care possible. In 2017 to improve our clients’ overall medical care experience, we created the Medical Services program. This important program oversees the medical needs of our residential clients.

Health Services Coordinator

Our Health Services Coordinator monitors the health of all residential clients, schedules medical and dental appointments, maintains a preventative health record for each individual, orders prescriptions, and ensures that all medication is taken correctly and at the appropriate times. Since the implementation of this program, our clients have seen noticeable improvements with their health and wellness. Clients have seen an overall improvement in the quality outcomes of their appointments, and who have specialized medical needs now have better integration of their general and specialized care.

Learn More About Health Services at Clausen House

To learn more about our Health Services program please contact Director of Program Services Veronica Santana at (510) 839-0050 ext.701